PARIS / « Doing business in » : a new way of discovering countries

This week begins « doing business in America and Middle-East » for the 3rd year students !

After this session, students will better understand the different ways of approaching and conducting business in Middle-East and America but moreover the major differences in terms of Legal, HR, Regulations, Social and Taxation with France. The idea of this class is also to present to students real case studies on the way to develop business in Middle-East and America.

Knowing the Middle-East/ America business approaches and their implication in the enterprise / impacts on operations management and companies life.
This cycle provides an in-depth overview of business values with their associated trends. It sets out the business practices in these regions. This practice covers the differences between the Middle-
East/ America vision and the French one, exposing a snapshot on some Middle-Eastern/ America business trends in order to provide advices to the audience on taking the right approach.

For each market, the students will learn :

  • Market overview
  • Management & Organization
  • HRM & Social
  • Legal : Rules & Regulation in business
  • Taxation
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Comparison with France


Good luck !


Posté le: 15-10-2018