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ISG Lyon : Doing Business in America

The session « ‘Doing Business in America » is intended for students in their 3rd academic year.

Despite being a diverse region, rich in resources and human capital, many Latin American countries routinely rank near the bottom of the World Bank’s Annual Ease of Doing Business Index. Even so, in our increasingly globalized world, a working knowledge of Latin American economics, business norms, and etiquette is of increasing importance given the importance of the region to energy markets, logistical chains, tourism and agriculture.

Likewise, as domestic economies in countries like Brazil, Mexico and Colombia adapt to the changing retail and service needs of growing middle classes, many American companies have come to see Latin America not just as a potential target for investment, but for expansion as well.

This session helps our students to :

  • Understand the field of Latin American and Caribbean (LAC) planning and realize the specificities of culture, politics, and economics under which it operates in today’s globalized world.
  • Develop capacity to acknowledge, appreciate, and effectively navigate distinct LAC planning cultures and planning subfields.
  • Understand the variety of agents involved in LAC planning, their distinct roles, interrelations, scopes of influence, and levels of effectiveness.

Our students develop capacity to anticipate and appropriately mediate the differential intra- and inter-scalar (local, regional, national, and international) forces and impacts of LAC planning projects.

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