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1st Year Admissions / Admission 1re année

If you’re looking to redirect your studies without wasting precious time, come and join the ISG’s State approved Bachelor in International Management and take a State approved BBA with partner Middlesex University (London), in just three years of higher studies in Paris.
This three-year course targets students looking for both an academic and professional, highly-international management program dispensed in the Anglo-American style, preparing students for international studies and careers around the globe.

Successful applicants will soon get used to :

Working in a multicultural environment ;
Getting to grips with the operational business and management tools required in today’s and tomorrow’s global professional playing field ;
Assuming responsibilities and decision-making in real or simulated international work contexts.

Beyond this, students joining the program rapidly enjoy the advantages a vast network like that ISG can provide them with, making it so much easier to move on in an ever-increasingly multicultural professional world.

After graduation, students start their career rapidly or even open the door to further State approved Master’s degree studies at ISG ‘’Grande Ecole’’



Bachelor in International Management

– Start in an English-speaking program : courses 100% in english
– Evolve in a rich multicultural environment with over 60 nationalities
– Experience Anglo-Saxon professional and academic environments to prepare for your career abroad
– Benefit from a job seeking coaching, specific to finding international internships and jobs
– Choose between starting active life (after obtaining the Bachelor Management International, targeted Bac +3) or continuing your studies to obtain a diploma Bac + 5 by integrating the Master Grande Ecole of ISG, an MSc / MBA or the International MBA of ISG.

4500 students
9 campuses in France
22 000 Alumni
87 % graduated finf a job within 2 months
160 Partner universities in 57 countries



FR :

Admission 1re année

Vous souhaitez vous réorienter rapidement et ne pas perdre une année ?

Intégrez le programme Bachelor en Management International de l’ISG Paris en février 2021 (diplôme visé bac+ 3) !

Suivre le programme Bachelor en Management International, c’est :
– Pouvoir obtenir un double diplôme : le diplôme visé Bac+3 du programme Bachelor en Management International de l’ISG et le Bachelor en Business Administration de Middlesex University (Londres)
– Suivre un enseignement 100% en anglais


Pour s’inscrire :
vous pouvez candidater en ligne sur

Pour plus d’information :

Vous pouvez contacter le service des admissions au 07 77 82 11 02 / [email protected]

Date de rentrée : le 22 février 2021






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