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International MBA

The International MBA is a one-year program held in Paris. The education is based on a broad array of disciplines, which will allow you to acquire a comprehensive range of management skills and an in-depth understanding of the global market place’s dynamics. It is taught entirely in English by a team of educators with top international academic and business credentials.

Bimonthly seminars: school and work experience alternating

bimonthly seminar

As a series of bimonthly seminars that take place from Thursday to Saturday, this structure allows students to take advantage of this end-of-the-week schedule to either continue working, start in a new field and undertake an internship, or to dedicate themselves fully to the teachings, assignments and learning demanded of the seminars. All IMBA students have the opportunity to spend a summer session at a trusted ISG partner institution, St. John’s University in New York City.

ISG takes pride in attracting students from all over the world: the diversity of the class, nationalities and backgrounds is what truly makes our MBA international.

Choosing an MBA that suits your objectives

The ISG International School of Business MBA program is designed for:

  • Early and mid-career executives recognizing a personal need for more advanced, updated theoretical and practical background than their initial education provided them with.
  • Engineers, technicians, lawyers, and other professionals looking for career advancement requiring in depth knowledge of high level management.
  • University-trained people seeking a career change.
  • Young graduates with strong personal motivation.

Academic background of our students

Functions of the MBA Alumni

The ISG alumni constitute one of the biggest networks of active graduates (22 000 professionals) of all French business schools. They are present on every continent in more than 100 countries and active in all business fields.