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Academics: International MBA

The ISG International MBA program prepares young international professionals to be leaders in their organizations and entrepreneurial endeavors, and to exercise best practices, through highly interactive seminars and cross-cultural case studies.

To develop a global perspective

The MBA aims to provide managers with a holistic comprehension of their business environment, a solid understanding of market fundamentals, and an international outlook.

The program is designed to provide a fully global perspective. Participants will work through case studies in an attempt to link theory to the functioning of modern-day businesses; a special emphasis is given to ethical concerns.

young professionals working through case studies

4th year

Sem. 1
    • Strategic Management
    • Financial Management
    • International Business Law
    • International Human Ressources Management
    • Organizational Behavior
    • Organizational Behavior
    • 1 Tech elective to choose from:
    • IA, chatbots & Dialogflow (with EPITA)
    • Big Data, Data Sciences & Business intelligence (with EPITA)
    • Cybersecurity (with EPITA)
    • Transports of the future (with ESME Sudria)
    • Creativity & webdesign (with e-artsup)
    • Collaborative platforms
Sem. 2
  • International mission
  • Monitoring of teaching units relating to the choice of tech expertise to obtain a nano certificate (delivered in partnership with engineering and creativity schools and with companies in the sector)

5th year

Sem. 3
    • Innovation Strategy
    • Analysing Financial Statements
    • Information Systems for managers
    • Delegation Management
    • CSR/Business Ethics
    • SupplyChain Management
    • BusinessPsychology & Positive Leadership
    • Entrepreneurship
Sem. 4
  • End of studies internship (relative mission to the digital, social or organizational transformation of a company)

    6 months