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Bachelor in International management


Differentiate by choosing how fast you want to study in English
and becoming bilingual at your own pace

Cultural openness and mastery of languages are indispensable in an international career. To best serve the needs of our French and international students, the Bachelor in International Management allows students to choose from three options:

  • Full English track (100% in English)
  • Progressive track (60% in English, 40% in French - 1st year only)
  • French track (20% in English in 1st year, 50% in English in 2nd year, 100% in English in 3rd year)

Graduate in Business and Management

Beyond building and sharpening their knowledge and skills, this program widens the student’s networks, develops global perspective, and cultivates a strong sense of identity.

In addition, it helps them foster professional networks through a number of events and activities which are very essential for their leadership development in today’s economic environment.

The Bachelor in International Management program not only broadens and deepens the student‘s understanding and knowledge of business and management by its content but also strengthens communication, interpersonal and leadership skills through various associations and other collective undertakings.

Study one semester abroad

At the ISG, we also consider academic expatriation and international immersion as necessary keys to personal and professional growth. Therefore, each student can spend at least one semester abroad in complete immersion in one of our partner universities.

Complete your training with the internship program

Students are also required to complete an internship program and a senior project to graduate. The internship program aims to develop the student‘s understanding of how real life organizations function, enhance their skill and gives them an opportunity to apply the concepts and knowledge learnt in the classroom to real professional life situations.

Get a European recognized diploma

The rigorous curriculum fits into the European LMD scheme, and is accredited (visé Bac+3) by the French Ministry of Higher Education. It is also recognized as a Bachelor’s degree in the UK and globally. All coursework in the ISG Bachelor’s Program is evaluated according to the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS). This system enables students to easily study abroad or transfer into our program and allows us to deliver a dual degree with a British university.

Remise des diplômes ISG

All you need to know about the Bachelor in International Management

Who is the program for?

French or foreign students:

  • Planning to pursue an international career
  • Seeking to be entrepreneurial, multilingual and open-minded leaders
  • Preferring a highly professional and pragmatic approach to business education
  • Interested in the American-British educational philosophy and a practical experience in a multicultural environment

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What distinguishes the ISG Bachelor in International Management?
  • A well balanced curriculum exclusively
  • A choice between 3 tracks (see details at the top of the page)
  • A unique multicultural environment: faculty, students, networks and locations
  • The opportunity to study abroad with one of our partner universities
  • A challenging yet supportive environment: individual coaching sessions and alumni connections
  • A prestigious address: ISG is in the heart of the 16th arrondissement in Paris, the most beautiful city in the world!
What are the aims of the program?
  • To provide the student with a strong academic and practical background to enter business life successfully.
  • To facilitate the graduate’s entry into corporations or international organizations at a junior or middle management level.
  • To enable students to continue their studies in international studies or related fields.
What does a student develop?
  • An understanding of the business world,
  • Critical self-awareness,
  • The capacity for logical thinking,
  • The ability to communicate effectively,
  • An ability to manage resources.