ISG is happy to announce its partnership with Studapart this March on private housing services: plateforme de logement privée.

With this, our students at ISG have free access to the following rental support services in France or abroad:

  1. Find an apartment to rent
  2. Find a roommate/(s) to share an apartment with
  3. Find a sublet
  4. Find a temporary apartment for a short period

This vast number of rental homes and apartments belong to private owners, dormitories and real estate agencies that are well-situated in the vicinity of the campuses close to one another.

Are you a current student? Connect to the Platform with your ‘Student Login’ and ‘Connection to Intranet’ followed by your credentials office 365

Are you an enrolled student? Sign up with the registration key provided by the school

Are you a private owner or landlord? Place your advertisement directly on the platform via the ‘owner access’

Are you a real estate agency? Contact

Are you an actual agent for student dormitory? Contact

Posté le: 17-05-2017