Universidad de Valparaíso

Valparaiso University is a public and autonomous institution. It provides a quality education to train students and professionals to work in a demanding environment. The values that inspire it are participation, solidarity, equity, freedom, pluralism, critical thinking and respect for diversity.

Universidad San Sebastian

Founded in 1989, the Universidad San Sebastian has 4,600 students and over 26,000 alumni. Its mission is to train competent professionals to meet the needs and requirements of companies.

Universidad del Pacífico

The mission of the Universidad del Pacifico is to train professionals who are leaders in their field of expertise, capable of innovating and creating value in a constantly changing global environment.

Universidad Bernardo O’Higgins

“The development of society through creativity and continuous learning”. Founded in 1990, the Bernardo O’higgins University currently has more than 3800 students. Its teaching is based on respect for individuals, dignity and freedom. It offers a model of education that promotes equity, development and social advancement.

Universidad Mayor

Founded in 1988, the Universidad Mayor aims to train cultured and enterprising professionals. It also provides students with an international perspective, while respecting their diversity.

Universidad Autonoma de Chile

Founded in 1989, the Universdad autonoma has over 20,000 students. Its goal is to become one of the ten best universities in the country. The university is continuing its international development.

Universidad Catolica del Norte

Founded in 1956, Universidad Catolica del Norte is a university located in the city of Antofagasta, Chile. The university aims to focus on the education of the student as a person. In addition to acquiring academic skills, students at Universidad Catolica del Norte are encouraged to cultivate their spiritual and personal values.

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