ISG is a beneficiary of the Erasmus+ Charter 2021 – 2027. Erasmus+ is a European Union programme whose objective is to strengthen partnerships and academic cooperation on a European scale, and to offer students the possibility of studying or do an internship in Europe for a semester. This programme is only available to students enrolled in the Bachelor in International Management and the Grande Ecole Programme.

This programme promotes the mobility of students and teaching professionals. The Erasmus+ programme plays an essential role in the implementation of the ISG’s international strategy, which relies on a network of “Erasmus” partners in Germany, Spain, the Netherlands, Northern Europe and Eastern Europe. These are all mobility opportunities for our students and those of our partner universities.

Teaching opportunities for professionals

Erasmus+ offers the opportunity to teach in an educational institution abroad. These opportunities are available to staff in the education sector and to employees of companies who are invited to share their knowledge on a specific domain, theme or issue.

Training opportunities for staff

Erasmus+ provides training opportunities for educational staff, both teaching and non-teaching. Training periods abroad can be observation periods, professional development courses or specific skill-building events.

Erasmus+ encourages training in educational institutions and relevant organisations outside the sector. Professional development activities are open to staff working at all levels of education.

Students with disabilities

The democratisation of the Erasmus+ programme is one of the objectives of the programme for the period 2014-2020. Erasmus+ aims to promote equity and inclusion by facilitating “access for participants from disadvantaged backgrounds and with fewer opportunities than their peers, where the situation of these people limits or prevents their participation in transnational activities”. Factors limiting the mobility of these people include socio-economic barriers, but also disability or health problems:

  • Disability (i.e. participants with special needs): people with mental (intellectual, cognitive, or learning disabilities), physical, sensory, or other disabilities;
  • Health problems: people with chronic health problems, serious illnesses or psychiatric conditions.

If you have specific needs related to a disability, we invite you to indicate what your particular needs are in order to apply for additional funding to cover the extra costs of your Erasmus+ mobility. 

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Élodie GRAY

Coordinatrice Erasmus+
[email protected]
Phone: +33 1 56 26 26 24

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