3 years
Baccalaureate to baccalaureate+2
February (only for first year)
Full time
French English
Bachelor’s Degree in International Management
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The Bachelor’s degree in International Management is a programme approved by the Ministry of Higher Education, Research and Innovation as a baccalaureate +3 level degree which trains students for careers in international business. Dispensed either fully in English or through a progressive language immersion, it allows each student to personalise their international career :

  • Full English Track (100% in english during the 3 years)
  • Progressive Track (50% in english during the 1st and the 2nd year then 100% for the 3rd year)
  • French Track (20% in english during the 1st year)

Students can spend a semester, or even a year, abroad in one of our foreign partner universities.  They must complete a minimum of 8 months of internship over the 3 years. At the end of the course, students present their final dissertation, which must necessarily address innovation and the business of the future.

5 good reasons to join the program


Step into an international environment

With 50% of foreign lecturers and 40% of students representing nearly 20 different nationalities, this degree is the most international of ISG’s courses. An asset for learning to work in English in a multicultural environment.


Graduate with a diploma recognised at baccalaureate +3 level

Diplôme visé controle par l'Etat
State approved diploma

Get the opportunity to study 2 semesters abroad to obtain a double European degree

In the 2nd and/or 3rd year, students have the opportunity to do an academic exchange in one of ISG’s partner universities to obtain a double European diploma: ISG’s Diploma in International Management and a Bachelor of Arts from Griffith College (Dublin) or DBS (Dublin Business School).


Prepare for future global trade challenges

Sustainable development, data protection, data enhanced value, sustainable food supply, travel and mobility… The new economic, social and environmental challenges of tomorrow are at the heart of the programme.
Objective: to enable students to imagine the new business models of the future.



Choose between working life and further study

After graduation, it is possible to continue by enrolling in the ISG’s Grande Ecole Master’s Degree.

The campus of Paris

The ISG international business school in Paris has been offering courses since 1967, making it one of the best business schools in Paris, recognised for its academic excellence and its international outlook, with a wide range of opportunities and careers for success in management, business, marketing, finance and digital.

The school offers a wide range of post-baccalaureate and parallel admissions courses to suit all profiles. ISG students can study in a Parisian school that gives them access to quality higher education programmes such as the 3-year post-baccalaureate “Bachelor in International Management” programme, 100% English-speaking, the 5-year “Grande Ecole” cycle delivering a Master’s degree, the “3+2 Business & Management Programme” with a personalised and evolving pathway, the “international BBA / MBA” built with Middlesex University, Masters of Science”, “Specialised MBAs” in finance, asset management, marketing, communication, e-business, HR, as well as the Bachelor and MBA “Luxury Management” programmes to specialise in the fashion, hotel, jewellery and gastronomy industries… as well as a “Sport Business Management” programme in partnership with the NBA.

Key points


The Bachelor’s degree in International Management Le Bachelor en Management International trains students for careers in international trade and allows them to acquire :

  • « Job skills » to implement the international development strategy within the company’s support functions (marketing and communication – human resources and mobility support – purchasing and logistics – international business development).
  • « Innovation skills » in order to become an active relay for the dissemination of innovative processes within the company
  • « Soft skills », so essential for successful integration into a company

Thanks to a professionalizing curriculum based on international careers, students develop :

  • His ability to provide operational and viable solutions to complex problems, consistent with the company’s expectations. 
  • Commercial acumen 
  • Ability to adapt to several cultural environments 
  • Ability to work as part of a team, including multicultural teams

The Bachelor’s degree in International Management prepares students to be operational in every country, working in companies that work internationally.

The holder of the Bachelor in International Management is able to :

  • Communiquer efficacement en environnement interculturel
  • Contribuer au développement de l’entreprise à l’international
  • Participer au management des business units à l’international
  • Déployer une politique de communication digitale dans le respect de la réglementation internationale
  • Exploiter les données internes, sectorielles et internationales utiles à la décision
  • Motiver l’adéquation de son profil à l’entreprise, au secteur et au pays
  • Réussir son intégration dans l’entreprise
ISG compétences
Assessment methods
  • Knowledge test: quizzes, case studies
  • Oral presentation of mission reports: the Planète Solidaire project (production of digital content), the export mission (sales action plan for an international project) and the entrepreneurial project (business report illustrating the use of management tools for the human, regulatory and financial development of the project).
  • Business games (business simulation game) in groups: successive decision-making and final oral presentation on an international development case study.
  • Individual case study on a business issue
  • Writing and oral presentation of a dissertation or business report on innovation and tomorrow’s businesses
  • Evaluation by the company internship tutor
Course duration

3 years


graduation rate

100% (promotion 2022)

Latest enrolment

1 month before the start of the course


Employment rate

72% (promotion 2022)

Tuition fees

9 980 € / year

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The ISG is accessible to students with disabilities.

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