5 years
February (only for 4th year)
Full time (1st, 2nd and 3rd years)
Initial or Apprenticeship (4th and 5th years)
The baccalaureate +5 level Grande École Master’s Degree
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The baccalaureate +5 level Grande École Master’s Degree is a guarantee of academic excellence.

Internationally focused, available in English from the first year, possibility of a 3rd year abroad,  projects, international internships, specialisations, … Each student can tailor the course content according to his/her personal objectives.
This diploma, recognised in France and internationally, combined with the power of a network of 28 000 alumni, is a true stepping-stone for the career of our future managers

5 good reasons to join this programme


Graduate with a diploma recognised in France and internationally


Dive into the heart of new technologies & innovation

The Grande Ecole programme combines management and digital technologies courses to break down the silos between business, engineering and design schools thus better preparing students to successfully address the challenges of the future.


To be open to different cultures, to study elsewhere

160 international partnerships, 50 possible double degrees, 3 learning expeditions, nearly thirty alumni delegations of which 12 are international ones (New York, Shanghai, Geneva, London…). ISG’s international DNA has many facets!


A multicultural experience in the middle of Paris

Management lectures in English for all, full teaching in English possible from year 1, more than 60 different nationalities present on campus, 50% of  lecturers are foreign, fully immersive daily multicultural experiences on campus.


Join an influential 28 000 strong alumni network

When you join ISG, you step into an influential and supportive 28 000 strong alumni community, present on 5 continents and organised in around 20 delegations and professional associations in France and abroad.  It represents a decisive advantage for the future career of our students


The campus of Paris

The ISG international business school in Paris has been offering courses since 1967, making it one of the best business schools in Paris, recognised for its academic excellence and its international outlook, with a wide range of opportunities and careers for success in management, business, marketing, finance and digital.

The school offers a wide range of post-baccalaureate and parallel admissions courses to suit all profiles. ISG students can study in a Parisian school that gives them access to quality higher education programmes such as the 3-year post-baccalaureate “Bachelor in International Management” programme, 100% English-speaking, the 5-year “Grande Ecole” cycle delivering a Master’s degree, the “3+2 Business & Management Programme” with a personalised and evolving pathway, the “international BBA / MBA” built with Middlesex University, Masters of Science”, “Specialised MBAs” in finance, asset management, marketing, communication, e-business, HR, as well as the Bachelor and MBA “Luxury Management” programmes to specialise in the fashion, hotel, jewellery and gastronomy industries… as well as a “Sport Business Management” programme in partnership with the NBA.

Key points


The Grande École Program allows students to acquire some competences :

  • « Job skills » necessary for the company’s core functions:
    • Marketing and Communications
    • Development department
    • Audit and Control
    • Human resources
    • Administration & Finance
  • « Tech skills », useful for the digital transformation of companies, their organizations and their markets
  • « Managerial skills », essential for setting the course and leading teams
Etudiantes ISG

Thanks to a project-based, experiential approach and regular immersion in a company, students develop :

  • A sense of autonomy
  • Adaptability to different environments
  • Analytical and critical thinking skills
  • Organizational skills (teamwork)
  • Ability to anticipate and agility in a constantly changing environment
Etudiants à l'ISG

The graduate is able to :

  • Draw up an entrepreneurial project and company strategy
  • Ensure the company’s growth while respecting its margins
  • Forecast needs and manage the company’s internal resources
  • Deploy the company’s international strategy
  • Control budgets, audit accounts and propose corrective actions
  • Carry out private equity, acquisition financing, fund-raising or LBO transactions
  • Design and deploy a digital strategy
Assessment methods
  • Knowledge test: Quizzes, case studies
  • Business plan in group work: a dossier and a pitch
  • Business game (business simulation game) in groups: professional role-playing, assessment of margin results and ability to generate margins
  • Individual case study summaries
  • Consultancy Project
  • Writing of an operational file presenting a reflection on a company’s international strategy + Oral presentation to a jury
  • Evaluation by the company tutor

To find more about this programme, come and meet us during one of our Open Days

Course duration

5 years
validation by blocks of competences accessible only by VAE


graduation rate

88% (promotion 2022)

Latest enrolment

1 month before the start of the course



Employment rate

83% (promotion 2022)

Tuition fees

1st, 2nd years: 9.980 € / year
3rdyear: 11.330 €
4th and 5th years: 12.350 € / year

For more information [email protected]

breach of work-study contract

3% (promotion 2022)

interruption rate

1,7% (promotion 2022)

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Accessibility & Disability referent

The ISG is accessible to students with disabilities.

Please contact our Disability and Gender and Sexual Violence Contact :

Juliette LEROY
8 rue de Lota, 75116 PARIS
Tel. 01 56 26 26 26 | [email protected]

ISG premises are accessible for people in situation of disability

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