ISG’s Programmes are diverse and here to meet everyone’s expectations .


ISG offers 4 undergraduate courses available via a common entrance exam :  Grande École Programme, Bachelor in International Management , Business and Management Programme, International Programme BBA / MBA.
Bridges exist between courses, allowing a change of direction from one programme to another or from one campus to another, but all of these programmes have one strong common international focus.

  • Baccalaureate +5 level for a Master Degree’s diploma.
  • Intended for ambitious students looking at managerial positions.
  • Acquisition of good working methods.
  • General knowledge, openness to the world and awareness of economic, political and strategic issues.
  • Available in English from year 1.
  • Open to new technologies.
  • Double degrees possible.
  • Baccalaureate +3 level for a Bachelor Degree diploma.
  • Intended for students looking for an international experience.
  • Possibility of spending 2 semesters abroad.
  • Possible double degree from a European university.
  • Possibility to continue by enrolling in the Grande Ecole Master’s Degree or one of the ISG’s MSc and MBA programmes.
  • Programme in 3 + 2 years.
  • Intended for students who wish to be operational while gradually refining their professional project.
  • Project based learning.
  • Modular course.
  • Possibility of an international double degree in the 3rd year.
  • Possibility to continue by enrolling in the Grande Ecole Master’s Degree or one of the ISG’s MSc and specialised MBA programmes.
  • 3 year course.
  • Graduation from a major foreign university, while residing in France.
  • Progressive introduction of lectures in English (20% in 1st year, 50% in 2nd year, 100% in 3rd year).
  • Strong international focus.
  • Possibility to continue by enrolling in the International MBA or the Grande Ecole Master’s Degree.

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