The first 3 years

The first 3 years of the Grande Ecole Programme enable the student to understand the global challenges faced by companies.

This first cycle offers a comprehensive vision of business issues and a unique international student experience where destinations rhyme with passions and specialisations (finance in London, luxury industry in Milan,…)

Curriculum and key highlights

During these three years, the students discover the fundamentals of management, grow, begin their professional development by completing one internship per year, develop their creativity and deepen their technical and digital knowledge.

The training is built around 4 pillars:
Management / Business and Culture / Creativity and Innovation / Business and Technology

3 years to discover the world and reveal yourself

From the 1st year onwards, students can choose between the classic, international or digital sections, enabling them to build and personalize their career path.
The program is highly international, with all students able to take part in a learning expedition at the end of the 1st semester. Thanks to internships and academic exchanges, students can spend up to 10 months abroad during the 1st cycle.
Thanks to collaborations with ESME, SupBiotech and EPITA, engineering schools of the IONIS group, ISG students have the opportunity to strengthen their digital culture
right from the 1st cycle.
With more than half of their time devoted to associative life, personal projects and concrete missions entrusted by companies, the 1st cycle of the Grande École Program enables students to gradually acquire skills, autonomy and a sense of responsibility.

In addition to the classic section (where the majority of teaching is in French), the Grande École Program offers two other sections starting in the 1st year: the international section, for immediate immersion in a 100% English-speaking environment, and the Techma section for a focus on innovation and digital culture.

Year 1 Broaden your horizons, discover the business environment


  • Discovering the company
  • Company legal environment
  • Accounting environment
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Economics
  • Communication and marketing
  • Quantitative methods for management

Dual skills & New technologies

  • Technology overview
  • Sustainable development
  • Discover motion design

Language Skills & International Culture

  • English
  • LV2 (Spanish, German, Chinese, Italian, rare languages)
  • Discovering Europe (géopolitique, culture, business)
  • Discovering Africa (géopolitique, culture, business)


  • Business Game
  • Sustainable Development Challenge
  • Graphic design workshop (Photoshop, Illustrator, inDesign)
  • Oral and written communication
  • Community life
  • Internship (1 month)
  • Learning Expedition: 2 weeks to discover a country and a sector (UK, Ireland, Italy, Germany)

Year 2 Identify the key issues for future business development


  • Legal environment
  • Corporate accounting environment
  • Finance
  • Entrepreneurship (business models, design thinking)
  • Economics
  • Market research
  • Quantitative management methods

Dual Skills & New Technologies

  • Panorama des tech
  • Website design

Language Skills & International Culture

  • English
  • LV2 (Spanish, German, Chinese, Italian, rare languages)
  • Discovering Europe (géopolitique, culture, business)
  • Discovering Africa (géopolitique, culture, business)


  • Business Game
  • Speech contest
  • Associative life
  • Business challenge (in competition with teams from other schools)
  • Entrepreneurship week
  • Personalised support for professional projects
  • Internship (2 months)

Year 3 Act to transform the company

Coding and digital development

  • Design, test and implement innovative digital programs and solutions

Data management and analysis

  • Learn to manipulate and interpret data in the field of healthcare and HealthTech

Web design and development

  • Learn how to create interactive websites (principles of design, ergonomics and accessibility)

La section Techma

As part of the Grande École program, the Techma section offers students the opportunity to explore digital issues and acquire a concrete understanding of the digital challenges facing businesses.
During the first 3 years, in addition to business courses, students take specialized courses in Artificial Intelligence, cybersecurity, emerging technologies and more.
The knowledge acquired is then put into practice during internships.
Internships during the first 3 years enable students to familiarize themselves with the tools and work methodologies specific to the digital sector, while developing their analytical skills and creativity.

Year 1 Programming & Software Development

  • In partnership with SFEIR
  • In collaboration with ESME

Introduction, in project mode, to commonly used programming languages: Python, JavaScript and Java.

Students learn to design, test and debug programs and create innovative digital solutions.

They also learn to use Agile and DevOps development methodologies, in order to work as a team and adapt to evolving projects.

1st year internship: Digital Humanitarian Mission (1 month)

Provide digital assistance to small humanitarian organizations (online fundraising, health, education, nutrition applications, etc.).

Year 2 Gestion & Analyse des données

  • In partnership with Dataiku
  • In collaboration with SupBiotech

Data management, processing and analysis with SQL databases and Excel or R data analysis software.
Students learn to manipulate and interpret data in the context of healthcare and HealthTech.


Deploy IT solutions for human resources, project or data management.

Year 3 Web Design & Development

  • In partnership with Google
  • In collaboration with EPITA

Knowledge of the technologies and languages used to design and develop web applications (HTML, CSS and JavaScript).
Students learn to create interactive websites by applying the principles of design, ergonomics and accessibility.


Develop innovative projects and technical solutions in an international context.

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