The first 3 years

The first 3 years of the Grande Ecole Programme enable the student to understand the global challenges faced by companies.

This first cycle offers a comprehensive vision of business issues and a unique international student experience where destinations rhyme with passions and specialisations (finance in London, luxury industry in Milan,…)

Curriculum and key highlights

During these three years, the students discover the fundamentals of management, grow, begin their professional development by completing one internship per year, develop their creativity and deepen their technical and digital knowledge.

The training is built around 4 pillars:
Management / Business and Culture / Creativity and Innovation / Business and Technology

Year 1 Broaden your horizons, discover the business environment


  • Introduction to management 
  • Economics 
  • Law 

Business & culture

  • Commercial Negotiation
  • Discovering Europe * (culture, geopolitics, doing business) – courses in English 
  • Discovering Africa * (culture, geopolitics, doing business) – courses in English 
  • Languages 

Creativity & innovation

  • Introduction to graphic design 
  • Logo creation 
  • Communication 

Business & technology

  • Technology overview 
  • Sustainable development


  • Business Game
  • Public speaking
  • Associative life
  • Internship (1 month)
  • Climate Fresk
  • Learning Expedition

Year 2 Identify the key issues for future business development


  • Accounting
  • Quantitative methods

Business & culture

  • Introduction to strategic management – course in English
  • Discovery of Asia* (globalisation, geopolitics, doing business) – course in English
  • Discovery of the Americas* (globalisation, geopolitics, doing business) – course in English
  • Languages
  • Marketing

Creativity & innovation

  • Semiology of image and language
  • Design thinking

Business & technology

  • Website design


  • Business Game
  • Speech contest
  • Associative life
  • Business challenge (in competition with teams from other schools)
  • Entrepreneurship week
  • Personalised support for professional projects
  • Internship (2 months)

Year 3 Be a force for change


  • Finance
  • Market research – courses in English
  • Financial analysis
  • Supply Chain
  • Taxation
  • Management accounting


  • Introduction to entrepreneurship


  • Languages
  • Strategic management – courses in English
  • Human Resources management – courses in English

Technology & creativity

  • Information systems

One technical and design expertise to be chosen from 7 nano-certificates


  • Innovation challenge
  • Internship (4 months)

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