Tongji University

Founded in 1907, Tongji University is one of the oldest and most prestigious universities in China. In recent years, the university has expanded rapidly in conjunction with the development of China. It has 5 campuses.

Shanghai University of Finance and Economics

The Shanghai University of Finance and Economics (SUFE), founded in 1917, is an internationally renowned research university. Considered the oldest financial university in China, SUFE has developed its own distinctive academic approach over the years. It aims to foster a spirit of openness to the world as well as exceptional teaching quality.

Jiao Tong University

Founded in 1896, this university is one of the most prestigious in China. It now has almost 40,000 students, half of whom are on a Master’s programme.

Li Xin University

Founded in 1928, the university offers a comprehensive education including management and economics. Under the direct instruction of Shanghai, the university shares its educational resources with local students, but also with those from other countries. Today the university has over 10,000 students.

Fudan University

Fudan University, founded in 1905, has more than 26,000 students today, of whom more than 3,500 are foreigners. The university’s sole objective is to train and cultivate more and more talents.

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