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Upon the Bachelor graduation, our students are well prepared to enter the competitive job market, pursue with a graduate program, or begin an entrepreneurial adventure.

Embrace a professional career

The ISG Bachelor in International Management, with the internships, prepare its students to work after graduating; 65% of ISG graduates will choose this way in diverse sectors such as Marketing, Human Resources, Finance and Banking, Fashion, Foreign Service, International Trade and Tourism.

Start your own company

In addition, since entrepreneurshipis one of their own third year majors, many of our graduates have decided to open business that had been developed while working on their final business plan at ISG.

Pursue your studies

We expect that about 35% of our graduates will choose to continue their studies.

As we, in ISG, encourage our students to pursue and continue their education, graduates of the International Bachelor will be alleged to integrate into 2 of ISG’s most desired programs: The “Programme Grande Ecole” – International Track, or to the International MBA program.