February intake at ISG
It’s time to apply for the next February intake ! Apply now and book your place in the program…
3 years to obtain a dual degree.
Let us telling you that we’ve compiled 5 excellent reasons for you to start your studies in this program:
#1 – Accredited three year Bachelor « visé bac+3 » and BABA from Middlesex University, UK
#2 – 2 tracks: 100% Anglais: Full English Track or 60% Anglais, 40% Français: Progressive Track
#3 – Partner universities in more than 50 countries
#4 – Alumni connections worldwide.
#5 – A multi-cultural environment with more than 90 nationalities on campus
Taking the next step.
Don’t delay too long. You’ll still want to leave enough time to get on with your application.

Posté le: 29-04-2019