Still looking for an undergraduate programme? Come and study business with us in English in the heart of Paris in Fall 2019

For the 5th consecutive year now, Paris has retained its place as one of the “Best Student Cities” in the world. Paris’ high ranking on the list of cities competing to be the “Best Student City” is mainly attributed to its high concentration of world-class institutions and organizations, which in turn appeals to an international audience. Undeterred by its reputation of being one of the most expensive cities to live in, tuition fees remain considerably lower than any other city on the list.

ISG stands for everything that Paris is about: a cosmopolitan world-class education for all, friends and fun. Come and experience Paris as part of ISG and witness first hand our rich blend of culture and world commerce. ISG truly takes pride in attracting students from all over the world, a trait that gives ISG its edge. Studying at ISG fosters an entrepreneurial spirit, open-mindedness, creativity, responsibility and personal enrichment, all of which help students develop a profound understanding of today’s contemporary business world and its intricacies.

An added plus for students who choose to pursue their studies with ISG in Paris is the amazing night life that Paris has to offer. With many quaint little cafés, student hangouts and museums to frequent during the day and lively bars and nightclubs at night, students will never run out of things to do – and let’s not forget the absolutely breathtaking Eiffel Tower!

Posté le: 24-07-2018