ISG against AIDS

When ISG and the IONIS Education Group mobilize against AIDS

The 11th edition of the IONIS National AIDS Awareness Campaign once again liall the schools and entities of the IONIS Group.

During that week, 27,000 students in 14 cities in France organized conferences, parties, sports competitions (such as a charity race at the Bois de Vincennes) and many sales (cakes, goodies, condoms,…) in order to raise funds while informing and raising awareness about AIDS, which in France today still affects around 153,000 people. Thanks to all these actions, nearly € 10,000 were raised during the event. The money will be donated to various organizations, such as Sidaction and Aides, partners of the IONIS group standby against AIDS.

The ISG Solidary club, newly created on the ISG Paris west Campus, informed the students about the burden of the disease, and also collected money. Congratulations to all members!

Posté le: 08-01-2018