ISG Bachelor in Management International

Accreditation and innovation for the ISG Bachelor in International Management

The ISG Bachelor in International Management is accredited (visé bac + 3 – niveau II) by the French Ministry of Higher Education, Research and Innovation, for a period of five years.

This recognition, the highest attainable for a Bac + 3 degree, is an important step in the development of ISG and its desire to link its programs to an academic excellence and national and international recognition.

In order to meet the demand from French students wishing to pursue their studies in English (or another language) and continue to satisfy our international students, the BIM is divided in 3 tracks :

– Full English track (100% English)
– Bilingual track (60% English / 40% Spanish)
– Progressive track (1st year only: 60% English / 40% French) – The progressive track makes it possible for the students to study half in English and half in French in year 1, while benefiting from extra courses to reinforce their level of English, before integrating the Full English Track « or the » Bilingual Track « in the 2nd year.

After the Bachelor, the students can take another step by pursuing advanced studies at the Master level or begin their professional career.

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Posté le: 18-12-2017