Do you have an innovative idea or an interesting project in mind? This student-entrepreneur membership might just be what you need!

What is the student-entrepreneurship membership (NUGGET PON) about?

Together with Pépite PON, ISG supports its students interested in the field of Entrepreneurship.

Alongside nine Parisian higher education institutions and partner companies, le Pôle Etudiant for innovation, le Transfert and l’Entrepreneuriat, Pépite aims to foster the spirit of entrepreneurship among students in their higher education studies. Activities organized include events and meetings with business leaders and other entrepreneurs, peers that are also student-entrepreneurs etc.

NUGGET PON supports the youth in the development of their projects through the following ways:

-Personalized guidance from two counselors: a teacher and a business practitioner

-The entrepreneurial project considered as a course or elective (possible equivalent in ECTS credits)

-Opportunity to customize the curriculum to your learning preference in Entrepreneurship (substitute the year-end project with your student-entrepreneur project)

-Dedicated teaching resources shared via the graduate student entrepreneur platform (D2E)

-Access to shared workspaces provided by NUGGET PON

-Opportunity to apply for a pre-incubator at NUGGET PON Start-up

-Possibility to sign a business-support project contract (CAPE) to test your project/business idea before launching it

The student-entrepreneurship contract is accessible to any young person. This membership adds to the list of student benefits (social security, access to scholarships etc.) that supports the period of time necessary to launch a start-up business for up to 28 years.

How to apply?

The student-entrepreneur membership is issued for one academic year by the Ministry of National Education, Higher Education and Research, on approval of the project by the NUGGET PON Committee.

This Committee makes decisions based on the candidate’s motivation and the quality of the project.

For more information, please contact Najoua Boufaden, ISG entrepreneurship (najoua.boufaden@isg.fr / 01 56 26 10 20)

Posté le: 31-05-2017