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French culture is known for many great attributes. ISG offers, in the heart of Paris near several locations dedicated to arts and culture, a two-week program that gives participants genuine skills to lead across borders and cultures. The students will benefit from the Business School’s experience and its multicultural and French environment.


French savoir-faire Certificate in Paris

Paris, a world class metropolis

The city of Paris possesses an excellent image among foreign investors. Based on the “Global Cities Investment Monitor 2015” study, Paris ranks third globally in the list of the most attractive cities. Different assets make Paris a world class metropolis: its central position in Europe, gateway to the EMEA markets, the highly qualified talent, the diversity of its economy…

ISG offers exclusive conditions of training

Since its founding in 1967, ISG, International Business School has been developing a unique learning model based upon its strong identity and core values: Entrepreneurship Spirit, Creativity, Open-mindedness, Responsibility and Personal and multicultural development.

Its situation near la Défense, Europe’s largest purpose-built business district and the heart of Paris, (Eiffel Tower, Champs-Elysées, Louvres…), its partnership with chief economic players, worldwide companies and prestigious organizations (UNIDO, UNESCO,…) enable ISG, International Business School, to provide exclusive and top-level conditions of crosscultural management training.

For two weeks, participants will have the opportunity to be trained through the combination of both the French (Business) lifestyle and the ISG, International Business School expertise! Participants will have an in-depth look at the French Business world and etiquette, the French lifestyle, and will examine what constitutes effective management across cultures.

French savoir-faire in the heart of Paris

Who is the Program for?

This summer session has been created for anyone who is interested in:

  • Experimenting with different ways of acting in cross-cultural situations
  • Learning intercultural communication and different ways of doing business

The session is collaborative because the students are expected to provide some of the content. The flexible program also allows participants to enjoy the Parisian life style through well-known companies and cultural visits which add an action-oriented perspective to the program.


Learning Outcomes

ISG, International Business School offers an exclusive seminar that gives participants genuine skills to lead across borders and cultures, so that they can go on to better understand the importance and impact of cultural elements on individuals, groups and organizations.

The French Savoir-faire Certificate by ISG, International Business School allows the participants to:

  • Understand the essential characteristics of cross-cultural management and focus on the French culture
  • Develop cultural intelligence competences

Professors and lecturers with a special research interest in the impact on or role of culture in international business will participate as well as guest lecturers from firms with international experience

Business dress code is mandatory during companies’ visits.

Course Content

  • Cross-culture as of today
  • Definition and dimension of culture
  • The French case study
  • Comparing cultures
  • Communication on cross-cultural basis
  • Culture in a complex business environment
  • Culture and Marketing

Teaching Methods

  • Interactive seminar
  • Case studies and role-plays
  • Group works and simulations
  • Corporate visits