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Studying at ISG
Academic Registration

Exchange students have to contact their home university if they want further information about the procedure or the program. Before the first semester begins, the students will have the possibility to choose the classes they want to take.

Administrative Registration

Exchange students are chosen by their university which will then inform ISG. Documents are to be sent through the Study Abroad Office at their university to ISG.

Students must get information from their home university regarding the exchange procedures and programs. Upon reception of their file, ISG will send a letter of admission to each exchange student; this letter is mandatory to apply for a student visa.

Course Registration

Before the semester begins and during Orientation Week, you will have to choose the classes you want to take. Your choice of courses should correspond to the year-by-year progression. All students should make an appointment with the Dean in order to fill out a course selection form and get it approved.

dean interview

If for any reason, a change in course selection needs to be made after classes have begun, this should be done during or immediately following the first week of class. A Drop/Add form must be filled out and approved by the Dean. It is not possible to drop or add courses after the second week of class – all courses chosen will be paid for and a grade will be recorded whether you attend the class or not.

Before leaving your university, you will make a Learning Agreement with the Dean of your program in your university and will choose your classes with his or her consent. You can choose classes from any year but there might be a scheduling conflict. There can also be modifications at the start of the school year. The ISG will give you a school transcript when final grades have been processed (approx 5 weeks after final exams) to validate the credits in your home university.