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International careers and Alumni Association

The ISG Alumni organization was established in 1973, to serve as a network of current and former students, and preserve the ISG spirit throughout the world. Today, there are approximately 20 000 alumni. Upon enrollment at ISG, students gain access to the entire ISG alumni network and career services mentorship.

ISG Alumni, a former students organisation

The ISG Alumni organization

Students can easily connect with alumni, seek career advice, or share their ISG experience. Through the ISG Alumni Association, alumni also remain aware of new trends affecting students and ISG, and vice-versa for trends affecting business today. Members of the ISG network work, live and travel internationally, thus consistently adding to the globalized web of ISG connections. Formal Alumni delegations are found in Shanghai, New York, London, Tokyo and Paris.

Role of the association

  • to enhance the professional and social ties of current and former students
  • to ease entry into the job market while also helping students with career progression
  • to maintain and further develop relations among all stakeholders of ISG: current and former students, and the faculty and administration
  • to promote ISG both in France and internationally
  • to contribute to the development of a new business intelligence.

A Global network

The ISG Alumni Association is active worldwide, with over 30 delegations in France and abroad. These delegations regularly hold events, foster friendly and professional relations amongst members, reinforce the “ISG spirit” and bond, and represent ISG to others. They play a significant role in what ISG strives to be. Some of the most active Delegations are emblematic of the international aspect of ISG.

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Career opportunities

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Where our graduates work (industries in %)