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Students have to carry out a 6-month internship in a company in France or abroad in year 3 and are strongly encouraged to carry out shorter interships inbetween. 

Internship: part of the learning process

The internship has to be approved by the Dean of the Bachelor in International Management. The work done while on internship is assessed through a report on a project the student has been involved in. The work is graded and counts as an active learning unit.

Students are responsible for finding a suitable internship with the help of the school, as we consider it to be part of the learning process. The tasks they will be undertaking within the internship should be related to their major.

Why it is important to carry out an internship

Applying your professional skills and the theory you have acquired through business cases is a very challenging and enriching experience. It will provide you with the necessary perspective that is required to make sound judgments and take appropriate actions. Also depending on the department and the company where you work, it may be a defining moment as it helps define career plans. Finally, any work experience makes you more attractive on the job market.