The ‘Jumping Club’ celebrates ISG’s 50th Anniversary with a leap

ISG Jump is a student club composed of eight horseback riders chaired by Clara Courtillier. In celebration of the school’s 50th anniversary, the club is organising a ‘Jumping Inter-School’ friendly event that is to be held at le Haras de la Clairière at Gazeran.

This competition is open to seven teams. Each team comprises of three students from the same school and each will be able to pick a horse of their choice. These teams will compete with the goal of defending the signature colors of their school. There will be two specialists of the equestrian community assigned to coach and guide these participants.

The standard height of the jump (75cm) will be adjusted to all students according to their equestrian skills to cater to a fair competition that gives everyone a chance to win the trophy. In addition, a certified Gallop 3 minimum level will be awarded to participants.

Many prizes await our winners!

If you would like to sponsor this event, compete or simply attend Jumping ISG Paris special 50 years of ISG, Clara is ready to answer all your questions (

Posté le: 10-04-2017