4L Charity Car Race

Yves, a BBA student at ISG, participated in this year’s edition of the 4L Trophy, which is the biggest student charity race in Europe.

Yves, together with his racing companion, received full sponsorship and the chance to borrow a classic 4L car from Motrio, a subsidiary of Renault. Each team participating in the race fills their car with school or medical supplies to transport to charities in Morocco. Yves’ team worked with the Saint Jean de Passy high school, which donated so many school supplies that they weren’t able to fit everything in the car!

The race begins in Biarritz and the team set out for the southernmost most point of Spain, Algeciras, where they took a boat to reach Moroccan land. Great difficulties arose from the very beginning as there were some technical problems with the car and the radiator had to be repaired in the freezing rain. This caused a delay and they had to drive during the night to catch up. Even though they spent hours on the road, the beautiful landscape and surroundings made them forget about their past difficulties.

With their car repaired, they crossed the Moroccan desert to reach their final destination, Marrakesh. Solidarity is key and all participants help each other to ensure that no one is left behind. In the evening, they settle down together with other contestants as they are not allowed to drive after dark. The final passage is a 2,200-meter pass with winding roads going up and down the mountainside.

Finally, after arriving in Marrakesh, they had the chance to meet up with other contestants and discover Marrakesh for a day. The school supplies were distributed and the trip back to France began. With many good moments and memories for life, this trip leaves Yves searching for new adventures to discover.

Posté le: 13-03-2017