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International Bachelor
Multicultural environment

The philosophy in the ISG Bachelor’s Program is centered on academically preparing its students through a style of lecture that is emulated from the American & British higher Education system. Professors inspire, foster and cultivate thought-provoking discussions, resulting in a firm understanding of the subject at hand and allows them to enhance the programme.

A Faculty of native English speakers

The International Faculty, are all native English speakers and hold Doctoral degrees or MBA’s in the subjects they teach. All faculty members have extensive years of professional experience and hold senior leadership positions within their organizations.

Many of our faculty have taught at some of the following leading Institutions in the world such as: INSEAD, London School of Economics, University of Notre-Dame, Trinity College in Dublin, to list a few. Our tenured professors actively contribute to the global academic community, participate in international conferences and are connected to their perspective industries.

Study in a multicultural environment

In a rapidly evolving global environment, ISG seeks to prepare its students to be ethically responsible and global minded leaders while retaining a holistic approach to an organization of any size or scale. At ISG, we have maintained a truly multicultural environment and encourage our students to study abroad. They learn and work together, thus broadening their cultural awareness to flourish in today’s globalized business environment.

Students have to carry out a six-month internship in a company in France or abroad at the end of the second year.

Multiple possibilities after graduation

Upon graduation, our students are well prepared to enter the competitive job market, graduate program, or pursue their entrepreneurial venture. Our students have noted they have a smooth transition as they secure their first professional job.

After the ISG Bachelor’s Program